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Van Rensselaer Village existing site had 12 apartment buildings of wood-frame construction, painted vertical siding and flat roofs.

The rehabilitation reduced the rental unit total from 100 to 80 apartments.

Through selective demolition, the long building layouts were modified and divided into 17 smaller buildings, blending the buildings into the surrounding neighborhood.

This redesign of the site created more green space, which equals 14 apartments per acre.

The existing wood-frame construction was re-used in the new design.

Being able to re-use the skeleton of the buildings saved cost on framing so extra details could be designed into the aesthetics of the facades.

A Management Information Base (MIB) is a collection of information that is organized hierarchically.

MIBs are stored on a network agent for access by a network management station which uses a protocol such as SNMP.

They are comprised of managed objects, (which are essentially variables), and identified by object IDs, which uniquely identify a managed object in the MIB hierarchy.

The MIB hierarchy can be depicted as a tree with a nameless root, the levels of which are assigned by different organizations. Disclaimer: These files were tested on SNMPc and HPOV platforms only.

The top-level MIB object IDs belong to different standards organizations, while lower-level object IDs are allocated by associated organizations. Thus RAD cannot ensure successful compilation on other SNMP platforms which have different requirements and characteristics.

Vendors can define private branches that include managed objects for their own products. Copy all files, including files in subfolders, to the MIB directory (.. Compiling the RAD MIB on other platforms is solely the responsibility of the customer.